Sunday, September 26, 2004

glorious saturday

this saturday was good, we both woke up almost noon! Slept pretty late the previous night :) we were planning to go to jb but had to postpone it to the next day as we felt just like staying in sg...without the hassle of having to travel too yup we were here in this island the whole day!

We started watching dvds...not hungry yet...from 8 mile to saturday night fever...loved the 8 mile for its strong character (Eminem), he stands up for the whites...usually the rappers are blacks, dominated by them, Eminem proves a strong point in his music career as well as for the race factor in the world. Worth watching if you are into music and are a fan of Eminem, check it out--> 8 Mile

Saturday night fever's one of my favourites! Loved all movies with music and dance, thoroughly enjoyed Grease as well :) by John Travolta & Olivia Newton John! Wish we could sometimes go back to those times where the clothings, makeup and music are just so different! Looks just so fun with polkadots...smokey-look makeup, cute hairstyles (beehive look!), beautiful skirts...! I can just watch this movie again and again! Recently watched its musical when it came to sg, it was splendid, you just feel like you've been exported back to those times, got the front side seat, paid quite an amount but it was worth every second of it :) your feet just kept tapping with the music as they dance to Boogie Shoes, Saturday Night Fever...

Sandy Olsson & Danny Zuko in GREASE

After watching both movies, we finally felt hungry! He went to tapao beenhoon soup for me and nasi lemak for himself...still felt lazy to get out of the house the time we were done with lunch, it was almost late afternoon...his sis then asked us to go over to her house for mahjong session! So there we went... :) we had meesua soup prepared by pat for dinner, it was yummy :)

I'm not good at mahjong, so I was chatting with wati most of the time, playing with jewel, playing ps and watching tv! Watched my favourite Korean movie, Summer Scent, oooohhh i just love this show! Got hooked onto it one day while just browsing through the various channels for an interesting program! It's only aired on saturday nights at I've missed some episodes of this movie already...damn tempted to go buy the entire series...hehehhe can then watch it at my own leisure at home sweet home :)

after my baby, his sis and hubby and their dad finished their game, the wise old man won...hahha experience counts huh? :) still have lots to learn! I guessed i'll try learning this game one of these days...hehehhe provided you are patient enough to teach me! :p

we headed to geylang for supper, yum! by then, it was already past midnight, we were famished! We went to yong he dou jiang da wang! For most singaporeans, you'll know where this place is, famous for its extra long you tiao and soya bean! we ordered guo tie and xiao long bao! after makan, we were so full...we then headed was a glorious day...sinful (food) & lazy (no exercise!) hahahah... must definitely go for my classes on monday!

Nite ladies & gentleman, see ya around :)

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