Wednesday, September 8, 2004

few days' adventures!

hey...the recent trip to malacca has still drained both of us out...imagine in a few hours, we were in a different country, in a different state altogether with different food, colours, life and culture. How interesting!!! my darling couldn't take it still...driving up and down for a few hours, finally ariving back home late at night...this morning he still felt tired, mentally and physically, thus had to take half the day off... :) I hope u feel much better love.

yesterday's day @ work was alright, was busy working together with the new girl that's going to take over from me as sub-editor of bosun's call, she's pretty nice, a sweet girl alright. Wish SAFYC all the best :) will definitely miss all my colleagues @ the club, the environment, some of the members! anyway, life goes on... oh yeah yesterday after work, we all went to geylang for ma la huo guo, hu jiao lian has always been talking about this great place that we must go to. It's pretty good except that 3/4 of the meal is oil...very oily meal, tummy felt funny after that, there was almost 11 of us, all facing a pot of boiling soup and chilli oil!

After the whole meal was over, we went separate ways. The north people took bernie's ferrari, he decided to buy some fruits and so we all stopped by the roadside. We ended up having the most expensive durians I've ever eaten... $13/kg!!! wow....when I heard the guy said the price...i looked at sy, very suprised!!! We relished both durians, haven't had them for some time now. We all licked our fingers clean, durians are really yummy.... :) have you tried eating cold durian with hot white rice? You must try it to believe it, people here don't seem to know that way of eating durians, they find it funny... :) :) :) :) :) eating durians, it's either you love it or you hate it!

Durians: the king of fruits in Malaysia!

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