Monday, September 20, 2004

Day Out at Sea!

15th sept 04 will always be a memorable day for me...

We went to frog island, near pulau ubin for a boat is so called frog island cos the stones that surrounds the island all looked like frogs! And there's even eyes drawn on the real huh? :)

there was almost 10 of us, all of us brought something along for makan...there was otak2, sy's marinaded chicken wings, yutiao, fried beehoon, sausages, so much food man, speaking about it I feel like drooling already hahah! There were soft drinks, packet chrysanthemum/green tea and we had vodka with rasberry 7 up too! hahahha

We went out with 2 powerboats and a jetski, poor jenny had to ride the jetski alone the whole trip, to and fro! Our bbq was done in a primitive way, thanks to azhar, he brought along stuffs that were very useful. Metal tins were used to place the hot burning charcoals, followed by wire mesh! Poor sy was cooking halfway when she accidentally stepped on...ouch...yes burning charcoal!!!!!! Her feet got 'bbq-ed' hahahhaha

It was a day full of fun...or just plain relaxation... some of us went for a ride on the jetski...some just suntan...some ate non stop hahha...some just floated on a buoy to soak up the was just heaven at that moment...aaahhhhhhh :)

after a whole afternoon of playing in the water and suntanning... we headed for fresh coconuts at pulau ubin! The coconuts were huge man...freshly plucked that morning! Only $2!!! Where to find cheap :)

I'm really glad everyone who went for the trip thoroughly enjoyed themselves! Hope there'll be more chances of going out together again, want to have fun? You need fun people too! :) Thanks guys & gals for making this trip super duper fun!

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