Sunday, August 29, 2004


For most malaysians and singaporeans, I'm sure u know what rojak is. Recently, I have been having strong cravings for rojaks for no apparent reason...! Everything in it is delicious, the one that I relished is one with fruits in it, green apple and mango! But one thing I don't like about it is the peanuts... believe it or not, I am allergic to it, not that I will scratching myself all over like a monkey BUT I will have outbreaks on my face :( :( :(
Today, I went for dinner with my darling, again I had a craving for rojak! So I ordered, and as usual, I will tell the person not to put peanuts inside which is part of the normal receipe. However, there were small pieces of nuts still on the fruits & veggie...naturally my mood dampened as I had a strong appetite!!! He offered to finish that plate of rojak for me while I ordered another plate for myself...this time he went to the lady and said that I cannot eat peanuts at all, so NO peanuts, the reason he gave was that if I ate any trace of peanuts, I will be having rashes all over my body (Good One! hahahha) So, the next serving was much better, I could eat in peace, without picking out all the peanuts :)
Overall, dinner was good!
FOr those who don't know what rojak is, have a look at the picture below:


Made up of cucumber, pineapple, mangkuang, green apple, beansprouts, mango, fried rice dough, and peanuts...

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